New Honorary Members from our Patagonia Trip

On our recent trip to Patagonia, we tried something different. Knowing in advance that we were going meet many fellow trekkers and others on this unique trip, we wanted to come up with something to leave behind to make an impression. So we had custom Arctic Brotherhood lapel pins designed and made. Anytime we met someone we liked, we bestowed upon them an honorary membership and gave them a pin. It was a huge success and everyone loved it. Unfortunately, we couldnt remember everyones names but we did get photos of each.


New friends from Austria. We camped next to them at Poincenot and ran into them again in El Chalten


Ricardo. Our driver and tour guide to the Perito Moreno Glacier. We made him an honorary brother and convinced him to give us his Mate gourd & straw.


Maria Barcello was our tour guide in Buenos Aires


We met Denis & Milo from The Netherlands on our van ride back to El Calafate. We later ran into them at the airport. They were on our plane back to Buenos Aires


These are our new best friends from Australia, and we didnt get their names. We met this nice family on the van ride to El Chalten and ended up running into them again 5 times, including on the trail, in El Calafate at a cafe and finally at the Perito Moreno Glacier.


These are our new Danish friends we met on the trail back from Laguna Los Tres when we stopped to take a break and smoke cigars.


Jorge the Parc Ranger who met us at camp DAgostini


Our lovely waitress in El Chalten. Were pointing at the A-B lapel pin, really!


Our custom design Arctic Brotherhood Honorary Membership pins.

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