Brother Bill Fikes

Bill Fikes cropped

Name: Bill Fikes

Hometown: Wasilla, AK
Nickname: Webmusher

Greetings and felicitations,

Let this serve as my letter of introduction and application for membership in this grand and historical society for all that might stand in judgement of my worth for such an honor.

I am a resident of Alaska, as I have been for most of the years since
1965 when my father brought us up the ALCAN highway.  I have trod Alaskas mudflats, waterways, fields, forests and mountains for the better part of 40 years, allowing for 10 years I spent wearing the uniform of a US Army soldier and trodding on the fields, forests and mountains of others.

I have spent time in the Talkeetna Mountains, as well as time under the Talkeetna Mountains.  I have hiked the Chugach Range and once spent the better part of a Summer living in an old Trappers cabin high above Chugiak.  I have roamed the Denali range and several others. I have walked on Glaciers and I have exchanged makeup tips with a Clown in the Pipeline Bar in Valdez (we were there for a Face painting gig for Alyeska Pipeline service Company) and I have prospected for Gold far and wide across this great land.

I have camped out in sub zero weather and had to break the ice off my mummy bag before extracting myself. I have made love under the Northern Lights and I have urinated in the Yukon River. I have come within spitting distance of Bears, Wolves, Fox, Moose, Sheep, Goats, Musk Oxen, Buffalo, Beaver, Otter and Caribou, luckily no spitting was actually involved from either side.

So, there we have the basics of my affiliation and affinity with Alaska and I hope that it serves me in good stead to win your favor in my request to become an honorary member of the Arctic Brotherhood.

Bill Fikes Jr.
Wasilla, AK

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