Bruder Christoph

C. Mueller 2

Name: Christoph Mueller

Hometown: Aachen, Germany

To whom it may concern:

Having learned that there is a vacancy as a honorary member in your fine organization, I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the position. I am known to be a man of exquisite taste, very fond of the outdoors, and an eager student of the history of the great gold rush of 1898. Sadly unable to relive these days myself, being accepted in your brotherhood would provide a very acceptable substitute and grant another excuse to raise a glass of fine Scotch in your honor.

In addition to all that I am at liberty to call myself an accomplished visual artist. It would be a delight to present the brotherhood with my personal rendition of the AB seal. Though distance prohibits me from personally attending one of the brotherhoods trips, this way my doing could be part of the brotherhood nevertheless. To further examine my artistic abilities I would like to kindly direct to my official representation on the internet:

Any communication which you may be pleased to make, addressed as above, will receive prompt attention.

I remain,

Yours very truly,

C. Mueller

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