Brother Billy

Name: Bill Davis

Nickname: B.D. or Billy

Position: Commander of the Tent

Hailing Port: Virginia Beach

Trips: Yosemite

Story: B.D. is a real brother of A.B. Brother Donny Davis.  The friendship roots of the Davis brothers to other members of the A.B. go back to the mid seventies.  And for a short while at the University of Florida,  Billy, Dave Farwick, Don Lake and Rick Allen were all roommates together at the infamous 641 Club house.   After graduation, B.D. proved himself to be smarter than the rest of us by blowing out of this 2-horse town and joining the Navy as a pilot on an aircraft carrier.  Through the years, weve stayed as close as we could with a pal who lived anywhere from four States away to half the world away.

We have been asking B. D. to join us on these adventures since the beginning.  He was always quick to come up with some lame excuse like, I need to spend time with my kids or I have an important business trip to Australia that week or some other nonsense.  Fortunately, B.D.s attitude about the Arctic Brotherhood changed.  We think it happened right after his youngest kid turned 35 or something.

One trip is all it took for him.  Hes totally hooked.  After borrowing most of brother Donnys gear for the Yosemite trip, hes been on that fun track of spending lots of money on multiple trips to the REI store in D.C.  Billys newbie enthusiasm has inspired us old dogs to consider going a few more trips before we get too old for this shit.

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