Brother Roy

Name: Roy Copeland

Nickname: Foghorn Leghorn

Position: Complainer-in-Chief

Trips: Yosemite

Story: Roy has been a  friend of Don Lake since 1999 when their wives met at a new mommy class at the local hospital.  Over the years he became intrigued with Dons war stories of our great Arctic Brotherhood trips and expressed an interest.  Based on past experiences, the gang was slightly worried at first since Roy had not gone through the usual vetting process  of going on one of our mini trips.  Furthermore his camping experience was limited to being a member of the Good Sam Club at the KOA just outside of McMaynerberry. But given that he had run a marathon and that he works outdoors all day, we felt the odds were good that he could handle the rigors of one of our adventures.  Roy finally received his invitation to join us on the Yosemite NP in 2012.

As luck would have it, Yosemite was probably one of our most physically difficult trips to date.  For the rest of us guys with soft, indoor jobs, this is just part of the adventure.  Roy, however, has a occupation that can be physically demanding.  As a septic tank contractor, there are days where he is out in hot Florida sun with a shovel all day long.  During our rigorous trek from Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley, there were times when Roy was wondering (out loud, mind you) why any sane person would burn vacation days and pay hard-earned money to experience the pain we were in.  His doubts ended after he reached the summit of the iconic Half Dome on Day 4.  Each of us in the Brotherhood has experienced that moment on the trail when the pain disappears and the exhilaration kicks in . . . that moment of zen.  Then, theres nothing left to complain about.

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