Brother Dave

Name: Dave Farwick

Nickname: “Pack-mule”

Position: Director of Spousal Management & Communication

Home Base: Windermere, FL

First Adventure: Founder

Best Quote:  “I love the Smokies.  I’d be happy if we came back here every year.” – (2005 trip to Smoky Mtn NP) –

Second Best Quote: “F**k the Smokies.  We’re never going back.” – (one year later on 2006 trip to Glacier National Park)

Story:  Dave met Don & Rick back in college through Brother Bill Davis.  Although he was from south Florida, Dave made several post-college moves and he eventually settled into the tiny township of Windermere (near Orlando) with the rest of us. 

Dave signed on to our crazy pipe dream of hiking the Chilkoot Trail back in 2004.  None of us had any experience backpacking or even camping to speak of.  Also, there was no internal craving to connect with nature or anything like that.  We were just some married-with-children, middle-aged guys looking to add some adventure back to our lives.

Dave has made most of our trips but misses occasionally.  He is famous for being our strongest hiker and he has suckered several newbies into trying to match his strength & endurance.  The biggest challenge on Dave is getting a response from him for any kind of commitment, communication or activity.  He will disappear off of the grid for days and weeks at a time.  And when he does finally come out of the shadows and is asked why he hasn’t responded to anything, he always feigns surprise and swears that he’s been having problems with his ______ (cell phone, landline, email acct, texting, Postsman, doorbell, etc).  As we say in the brotherhood, “if you can FIND Dave…’ve got him.”


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