Brother Donny

Name: Donny Davis

Nickname: “Kid”

Position: Non-Sanctioned Tormentor of Innocent Service Workers (self assigned)

Home Base: Windermere, FL

First Adventure: 2007

Our Favorite Quote:  “Yeah, we saw pretty much saw EVERYTHING in the Park so we decided to come out a day early.” (said calling home to his wife after spending just 5 days in the gigantic Denali National Park, which is larger than the State of Massachusetts)

Story:  Donny is the real-life older brother of Bill Davis  We all met him back in college when Bill was our roommate (however, Donny went to Vanderbilt and not UF).  He later coincidentally moved to our hometown Windermere, so we we all got reconnected after a long gap.  His first big trip was to the Grand Tetons back in 2007

Donny’s OCD-like repetition of nonsensical jokes and his cruel treatment of innocent waitstaff, should have gotten him tossed out of the A-B many years ago.  But he has been able to hang on to his commission because the guy flat-out works his butt off on our trips.  Donny’s efforts as principal photographer and “camp mule” are legendary.  He selflessly carries an extra 10-lbs+ of camera gear and often races ahead to take great photos of everyone else.  And unlike others, Donny is not one to complain about anything.  Ever!


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