Brother Gregg

Name: Gregg Anderson

Nickname: “Mr. Fabulous”

Position: Chairman of his own Tent

Home Base: Windermere, FL

First Adventure:  2010

Story:  Don Lake and Gregg are neighbors and became great friends as assistant Scoutmasters in the same Boy Scout troop. Gregg is the only A-B Brother, who started out as an honorary member and then much later became a full member. Gregg is always generously offering his home to host A-B events like the Arctic Brotherhood Film Festivals.  Although Gregg has been a very active social member with local A-B events, he has been very occasional on joining us on trips.

Gregg is an exec in the hospitality/lodging industry and sometimes the “Code of the Brotherhood” becomes an internal conflict for him.  Although he loves the outdoorsy part what we do on our adventures, Gregg can be challenged by our cheap methods of travel (coach airfare, stays in hostels & flea-bag hotels, etc).  So, when we announce our trips, the first thing Gregg does is check to see if one of his high-end resorts is nearby.  As a countermeasure, we purposely plan our trips far away as possibly from his luxury resorts, so it has become something of a cat & mouse game between us.


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