Greenhorn George

Name: George DuBois

Nickname: “Goosebumps”

Position: Greenhorn

Home Base: Windermere, FL

First Adventure: 2017

Story:  George is a neighbor in town who had been quietly watching the A-B for years.  He jumped on a chance to go on one of our trips when Brother Gregg bailed out on the Capital Reef trip.  George had not done this kind of camping since he was a kid, so we encouraged him to borrow all the gear he could.  Gregg generously loaned all of his gear to George, except, it seems, for his good sleeping bag.

As expected, Utah canyon country became quite chilly when the sun went down.  On his first night, George pulled out Gregg’s flimsy cheap bag and climbed in for a week of uncomfortable nights.  We haven’t seen that kind of gear disaster since our 2017 trip to Zion NP, when David Stephens used his socks and underwear for makeshift gloves and a hat.  We’ve heard that for his next trip, George has already purchased an ultra-warm, goose-down bag rated for Antarctic expeditions.


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