Brother Don

Name: Don Lake

Nickname: “Hank Hill”

Position: Head of Yelling at Everyone for Not Responding

Home Base: Windermere, FL

First Adventure: Founder

His Best Quote: “Half of the fun of these adventures is planning the trip and the other half is watching the slide show afterwards.”

His Other Best Quote: “We’re not lost…..we just don’t know where we are” (Katmai NP trip 2015)

Story:  Don pitched the idea of hiking the Chilkoot Trail back in about 1997.  Although there was interest from the guys, it never got legs as life totally got in the way.  In 2004, the idea was resurrected and Don, Dave & Rick made it happen.

The idea of a “brotherhood” implies a level of fraternal democracy.  Don’t count on that.  Don runs this organization like a tin-horned, Stalinist despot.   If you are looking for an example of the kind of “brother” Don is, think of Wyatt’s brother “Chet” from the 1985 movie, Weird Science (please take a minute for that one).   The guys are now kind of numb to his incessant notices & requests.  Don peppers the guys with more nonsense than an Amway salesman. 

On the trail, Don is often our weakest link.  In between getting stuck in narrow canyons & tight caves, he’s usually the last one to arrive in camp and the first to crash for a nap, thereby conveniently avoiding group camp chores.

After all the years of his possessive, dictatorial control, you’d think that an A-B Cain Mutiny would have occurred by now and given our “Capt Queeg” the heave-ho.  But fortunately for Don, he does win favor by planning & executing these bad-ass trips……and also, he is the only one who knows the password to this website.



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