Brother Derek

Derek_at _Kilauea

Name: Derek Lyon-McKeill

Hometown: Unknown

Dear Esteem Members of the Arctic Brotherhood,

I humbly request admittance into the Arctic Brotherhood as an honorary member.

I have hiked the extremes, from the Mendenhall Glacier to the lava flows of Kilauea. I have hiked the hills of the Cornwall to the hills of the Isle of Skye and I always have an eye our for the next adventure.

There is a certain ability to see the adventure in most any hike.

Whether working my way through the Giant Sequoias to a stroll down the local mercantile to gather supplies (malt based refreshing beverages) for the next adventure.

There is also a responsibility of protecting the back country. I spend my summers volunteering as a Fire Lookout looking over the vast back country watching for signs of trouble and calling it in.


D. Lyon-McKeil


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8 Responses to Brother Derek

  1. Niall Good says:

    I heartily support this request for Honorary Membership. Mr. Lyon-McKeil would add luster to our ranks.

  2. Kevan says:

    Wow with D.s credentials and adventures the crew of 1899 would have accepted him as a brother.
    I vote in.

  3. Armando Tautiva says:

    I vote yes!!!
    I also vote that we adopt the cropped facial hair and bad ass sneer as the official Arctic Brotherhood picture pose.

  4. Mark Roberts says:

    A man of few words and many miles. I vote yes

  5. Don says:

    Setting aside that grimacing selfie which is worthy of a local Warlocks (Florida biker gang) nomination, Im impressed with D. His fire and ice trips show great contrast and range. And since Wales and Scotland are on our future trip list, this guy could add real value to us in the next few years. I vote YES for Mr. Lyon-McKeil. (He needs a nickname, please)

  6. Rick Allen (required) says:

    I vote YES! We need the DUES! (By the way mine are in the mail )

  7. Leo Zanelli says:

    Sounds like a most enthusiastic candidate. Im also a yes.
    To all members: sorry I havent been online recently. Chemo and all that.
    The Z-man

  8. Derek says:

    Good Morning,

    Thank you very much for voting me in as an honorary member of the Arctic Brotherhood.

    I promise to uphold the core values of the Brotherhood in all my adventures, wherever they may lead.