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Logo A-B transparent 2 pngThe Arctic Brotherhood was formed as a fraternal organization in 1899 by gold-seeking stampeders headed for the Klondike.  It wasn’t long before every northern frontier town, settlement and mining camp of any importance boasted its Arctic Brotherhood chapter.  Eventually 32 original Camps were established; and at its height, the Arctic Brotherhood boasted some 10,000 members.

The preamble of the A-B constitution stated:

“The object of this organization shall be to encourage and promote social and intellectual intercourse and benevolence among its members, and to advance the interests of its members, and those of the Northwest section of North America.”

Original A-B Building= Skagway , AK

As the gold rush went boom & bust, so did the Arctic Brotherhood.  And by the 1930’s, the organization had completely faded away.  You can learn about the original organization’s past by clicking our “History” door above. And if you can’t get enough about the original A-B, check out arcticbrotherhood.blogspot.com hosted by Ashley Bowman or buy her  book.  She lived in Skagway as a seasonal National Park Ranger and devoted several years of her life to researching the original fraternal group.

In 2005, the adventurous fraternal spirit of the Arctic Brotherhood was revived by three great friends, who were inspired after visiting the original A-B Building in Skagway, AK.  If you’d like to know more about how our new version of the A-B came to be, click the “Camp No. 33” door above for the full story.  As of fall of 2017, the new Arctic Brotherhood has been on 16 incredible outdoor adventures and camped in 14 National Parks in three countries (U.S., Canada and Argentina).  See more on our trips by clicking “Adventures” above.


In the early days of the Northland, that country was populated by a very fine class of hardy, venturesome, pioneering people.  The oldtimers who were then engaged in winning the Northland have, for the most part, gone  West, to use the vernacular.  The Arctic Brotherhood has passed into history.  It fulfilled a noble, worthwhile service, It was all, and even more, than its organizers ever hoped for it. 

Dr. I. H. Moore Former Grand Arctic Chief


No boundary line here-
in the 21st Century,
we are a new kind of Stampeder,
seeking the gold dust of experience.
we are men of the woods.
sleeping in bear tracks and
perching on raven’s rock ledges
Free Arctic Brotherhood Unite

Aaron Voronoff

(Above original poem was sent by an unknown fan of our website in June 2009)





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