Honorary Member Candidate Brother Reggie Cole

Reggie Cole 2

Name: Reggie Cole

Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Nickname: Wingman

I recently met a few of you distinguished gentlemen on my first trip to Alaska, and found out that some of you played rugby, one in particular was Don who played at the University of Florida, a team we played regularly.  I am adventurist and I love to go new places and explore, something you guys seem to enjoy to do, I am asking to be an Honorary Member of the Arctic Brotherhood.​​

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6 Responses to Honorary Member Candidate Brother Reggie Cole

  1. Armando Tautiva says:

    Reggie, the fact that you are willing to associate with a bunch of old guys is evidence of insanity and poor judgement. Both laudable qualities that will fit well with our group. I vote yes!

  2. Don says:

    Of course I vote YES for Reggie. We met Reggie on our flight to Anchorage this past summer. Not sure how the conversation shifted but we found out he played rugby at his college. With 3 or our 5 on the trip having college rugby experience, a bonding was inevitable.

  3. Rick Allen says:

    I am quite sure we could only do marginally better 40% of the time by bringing in the Wingman. I am going to vote YES and hope for the best!

  4. BD says:

    I agree with Two Pole insanity and poor judgement are must have traits for the AB. DonLake, it was the crooked nose that was the dead giveaway just look at Big D for gosh sakes. Its an easy yes vote for Reggie of course, you know Brotherhood comes with you buying a round of single malt for the Brothers so when are you buying?

  5. Kevan says:


    So I am notoriously late on replying to my emails, phone calls, etc. any human contact, so August 15 to March 16, is typical response time. Its not you but me, and apparently the rest of the brotherhood. We may be slow to respond but we are cogent.

    Im not sure if that is one of our prescribed virtues, but it should be.

    Yes. Reggie is in.

  6. Don D says:

    We have now firmly established that Reggie exhibits evidence of poor judgement and insanity confirmed by all of those that met him on the trip to Katmai. I vote YES. Reggie should send his high school report cards for us to review as a courtesy. We want to make sure that he has a history of poor judgement and insanity and it is not just a new phase.