Honorary Member Candidate David Hansen, Jr.


Name: David Hansen, Jr.

Hometown: Ridgetown, Ontario
Nickname: Yank Cranker

I am applying for an honorary membership, although I would think that with my family lineage and having an AB pin (modified by my late father into a ring that I wear see photo below), and the fact that my past father David Harrison Harry took to the grave a story that my great grandfather, Henry Peter Hansen was a founding father of the Arctic Brotherhood in the Yukon, I should be a member rather than an honourable one.   I realize I only have a pin, name and a story which can’t be verified, however, I’m working on it and I will keep you up to date on my research.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dave Hansen Jr.

pin of Henry Peter Hansen made into ring by grandson



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7 Responses to Honorary Member Candidate David Hansen, Jr.

  1. Armando Tautiva says:

    Id consider the old, dented, gold ring in exchange for a new, shiny, plastic pin a fair dealwell even throw in a free membership to the venerable organization of The Arctic Brotherhood. Whats that you say? Your Grandfather was a founding memberwell then we will add a ritual drink of rum from the goat foot chalice.
    I vote yes!

  2. Don says:

    I vote YES! No one else around here has a real Arctic Brotherhood pin/ring.

  3. Rick Allen says:

    Stories taken to the grave Other stories that are unverifiable And a cool brotherhood ring. Sounds like a Hobbit movie! Lets let him in! I shall call him Bilbo.

  4. BD says:

    Are you kidding me? Yank Cranker ??? we gotta have one of those!!

  5. Don D says:

    I dont know, we should not move too fast. A more thorough vetting should be in order. Does he drink scotch? Can he poop in the woods? There are a lot of unanswered questions. To his credit, he does have lots of stories and a gold ring. Since nobody else has ever been vetted either, I vote YES.

  6. Kevan says:

    Wow a legacy.


  7. Dave Hansen says:

    Facundo Bacardi is a close personal friend of mine.
    I havent met Jameson or Mr. Kilbeggan.
    I dont poop, I shit in the woods, I eat what I hunt, and Im a Maple Leafs fan EH!