Code of the A-B

The Arctic Brotherhood is built upon a foundation of guiding principles that insure the continued success of our adventurous excursions. These covenants were discovered and handed down over the past 111 years and are the key to making it all work for everyone (including spousal buy-in):

  • Our mission is to explore spectacular BACKCOUNTRY destinations that are both physically challenging and incredibly rewarding.
  • Our trips are so ridiculously RUGGED & SPARTAN that most spouses would have no interest in going.
  • We travel on a SHOESTRING budget, which helps with spousal buy-in.
  • There is no complaining. We go to enjoy the ENTIRE experience. These are challenging outdoor odysseys with no guarantees.
  • No one shall interfere with our inalienable rights to enjoy our backcountry sacraments of strong COFFEE, fine CIGARS and well-aged SCOTCH WHISKY.
  • Our big adventures are for SEASONED FELLOWS who believe in the way of the Brotherhood.A-B Code

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