Ashley Bowman is Sportin a Cool Arctic Brotherhood Tattoo

Seasonal Chilkoot NP Ranger & Arctic Brotherhood fanatic Ashley Bowman showed her moxie by acquiring a very impressive tattoo honoring the A-B.  She made the bold move recently while on holiday in Juneau, AK.  In consideration of her incredible commitment to the cause, we are asking all of the brotherhood to post kudos to Ashley.

Ashleys Cool A-B Tat

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3 Responses to Ashley Bowman is Sportin a Cool Arctic Brotherhood Tattoo

  1. Don says:

    She gets my vote for Member of the Year. I think this will dispel the A-B myth that only Western Canadian women are tough. Ill put sweet Ashley up against any of those Rockwall Canuck broads.

  2. Helen-manjaro says:

    Ah, yes. she does give us Canuckers a run for the ole money but Ill challenge her to gruelling Rocky Mountain odyssey any day!!

  3. Ashley says:

    While Id love to say something along the lines of yep, i am that bad ass or mmmm Im kind of a big deal, the 2.5 hours of needles I went through for this work of art is nothing compared to some of the adventures the rest of you have gone through! Im only just now (after 3 and a half years in Skagway) planning my first complete Chilkoot Trail attempt. Im sure the Canadian broads could beat me in any real competition of badassness. I dont know what exactly the rocky mountain odyssey entails but i can already feel my smokers lungs protesting!