UPDATE: H.C. Davis Actually Was a Member!!

(See previous post about Dons Great-grandfather)

According to Super A-B fan & historian Ashley Bowman, Dons great-grandfather, Henry C. (aka H.C.) Davis,was initiated in Camp Dawson No. 4.  Ashley has accumulated rosters on a few of the Camps.   It makes sense.  Records show that H.C. worked and lived just two blocks from the Arctic Brotherhood Hall (now Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall).


Records from the archives of the Northwest Mounted Police, show that H. C. Davis (Seattle) entered the Yukon at the Chilkoot Pass on 4/1/1899.


The following info about H.C. Davis is from Polks Alaska-Yukon Gazetteer and Business Directory (compiled 1901 1912):

NAME                OCCUPATION                    COMPANY                     ADDRESS                    LOCATION & COUNTRY                    YEAR
DAVIS HENRY C.   BLDG CONTRACTOR                                            309 YORK                    DAWSON CN                                 1903
DAVIS HENRY C.   B L D G . CONTRACTOR                                        310 YORK 309 YORK       DAWSON CN                                 1905
DAVIS HENRY C.   GENERAL CONTRACTOR                                        GARDEN ISLAND             FAIRBANKS                                   1907
DAVIS H. C.         SASH, DOOR, SUPPLIES      TANANA MILL CO              GARDEN ISLAND             FAIRBANKS US                              1909-10
DAVIS HENRY C.   CARPENTER                                                       GARDEN ISLAND             FAIRBANKS US                               1911-12


Fairbanks Daily Times
September 6, 1913

News was received on the mail arriving yesterday that Mrs. H.C. Davis, of this city, had died in Seattle on August 16th. the death was not unexpected, as Mrs. Davis left for the Outside last June, suffering from a cancer. Upon her arrival in the States she went directly to the Mayo Bros. hospital at Rochester, Minnesota, but the famous surgeons refused to operate, saying that the case was too far advanced. Mrs. Davis was well known both here and in Dawson, having come North more than fourteen years ago with her husband. She is survived by her husband and two sons, Edward and Roden, of this city, and by three sisters and two brothers in Seattle. She was 43 years of age and was born in Davenport, Iowa.

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