Brother Derek

Derek_at _Kilauea

Name: Derek Lyon-McKeill

Hometown: Unknown

Dear Esteem Members of the Arctic Brotherhood,

I humbly request admittance into the Arctic Brotherhood as an honorary member.

I have hiked the extremes, from the Mendenhall Glacier to the lava flows of Kilauea. I have hiked the hills of the Cornwall to the hills of the Isle of Skye and I always have an eye our for the next adventure.

There is a certain ability to see the adventure in most any hike.

Whether working my way through the Giant Sequoias to a stroll down the local mercantile to gather supplies (malt based refreshing beverages) for the next adventure.

There is also a responsibility of protecting the back country. I spend my summers volunteering as a Fire Lookout looking over the vast back country watching for signs of trouble and calling it in.


D. Lyon-McKeil


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