Brother Jeremy

Name: Jeremy Yeaton

Trail Name: The Scarlet Dude

College Town: New Brunswick, NJ

Mr. Chairman,

I humbly submit to you my qualifications for admission into your Arctic Brotherhood:

  • I have hiked & camped in a number of premier National Parks including (but not limited to) Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Park.
  • I am an Eagle Scout.
  • I am a full-time student (freshman) at Rutgers University.
  • I am related to a founding member of the A-B.  Brother Don Lake is my uncle (hopefully nepotism still counts for something in our country).
  • I have pursued a black bear into the brush in order to protect a group of small children.
  • I am a member of  the Rutgers University Water Polo Club.
  • I hold a number of prestigious awards including my American Red Cross CPR Training Certificate, as well as my high school Excellence in French Award (both could be quite useful on the trail if I happen to come across a French-Canadian hiker in full cardiac arrest).
  • I can speak three languages (going on four) and I am willing to learn another one if it gets me into the Arctic Brotherhood Fraternal Order.

I appreciate your consideration of my application.


Jeremy Yeaton

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