Mark Roberts

Name: Mark Roberts

Trail Name: Mongo

Homecourt: West Milford, NJ

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury I submit my qualifications:

First and above all else I never leave home without my single malt.  Judging from my geographic location, its time to open a northeast chapter of the Brotherhood.

Ive hiked the Big Ditch north to south rim with a side trip to Clear Creek. Spent a long week on the Teton Crest Trail emerging from Paint Brush Canyon. Only to be told by our taxi driver that we smelled a bit gamey. Whats he talking about, I didnt smell a thing! Ive hiked from Many Glacier Lodge to Kintla Lake through Glacier Nat. Pk. and in 09 spent 8 days in Yosemites backcountry.

But enough about the parks.  Ive been section hiking the A.T. for way to long and may finish it before I am to old to lug my large flask of Scotch.  While day hiking in Zion I was asked by a young lad if I was a real pirate! To which I of course I replied, ARRRR.

And in a nod to Mr. Howe, Ive walked my dogs on cold winter, northern N.J. nights, in my P.J.s, with almost, pretty much, mostly no shrinkage.
Sorry ladies, I had to go there.

By the way any outfit that has trail chicks is my kind of outfit.  And so I end this application and await your ruling.

Yours in jest,

Mongo aka Mark

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