Brother Kevan

Name: Kevan Spear

Nickname: “Dial-up”

Position: Complainer-in-Chief & Director of Risk Avoidance

Home Base: Unincorporated Orange County, FL

First Adventure: 2005

Story:  Kevan and Don met a long ago in a business meeting and they quickly became good friends.  Once Kevan heard about the exploits of our 2005 A-B Chilkoot Trail, he wanted in on the action.  After Don gave him a short test run in the Smokies (Deep Creek), we asked Kevan to join us on our second A-B trip to Glacier National Park and he gladly accepted.  He’s been a regular ever since and even became a rotating at-large member of the Executive Council.

Through the years Kevan has become famous for his quirks, stonewallery and severe technophobia.   Due to the amount of time we spend together on our trips, politics always come up in conversion.  Kevan and the other dug-in, John Birchers are usually asked to set up their tents in the red-State section of our campsites, so as to give some temporary respite to our suffering blue-State brethren.

And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  The acrophobic Kevan surprised us all by signing up for the Capital Reef canyoneering trip with it’s 160 foot repels.  But don’t worry.  He says he took only a brief vacation from his job as chief risk averter.  That’s a position that he doesn’t intend to give up any time soon.




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