Brother Rick

Name: Rick Allen

Nickname: “Raincheck”

Position: Chief Videographer (RETIRED)

Home Base: Windermere, FL

First Adventure: Founder Emeritus

Best Quote: “I’d rather be with you guys than with the finest people in the world”

Story:  Rick and Don have been great friends since 8th grade.  Dave came into the the circle when all three became college roommates (oddly enough, Dave  was introduced through Brother Bill Davis).  Don first proposed his pipe dream of hiking the Alaskan Chilkoot trail to his closest friends Rick, Dave, his real brother Jay and his friend Dan Huizenga back in about 1997.  Everyone was interested, but the plan was tabled as a lot of life got in the way.  Many years later in 2004, Brother Rick broached the subject and a plan started to take shape and ended with Dave, Don & Rick going to Alaska on the great adventure that started it all.

Dave and Don continued on with the newly-formed Arctic Brotherhood with annual trips,  Sadly, Brother Rick opted for early retirement.   We hope he will reconsider and join back in.  But, we’ve been waiting since 2005.


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